Hire the Right Employees – How We Can Help You

The “Revolving Door” Syndrome – Stop the Revolving Door Syndrome!

Revolving Door Syndrome

You hire someone but they just don’t work out. So, you have to start all over again. We can help you find the right person for the right job by:

  • Creating accurate job descriptions;
  • Identifying the best channels to announce the job opening;
  • Creating targeted interview questions that get beyone “tell me about yourself”;
  • Designing a “wow” welcome experience for the new hire;
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges for the new hire to ensure outstanding long-term performance.

“Employee Presenteeism” Syndrome – Work Smarter!

Work Smarter

Some employees walk in the door, then fritter the day away with activities that have little or nothing to do with their job. Or, they seem to work very hard but make many errors, causing frustration and re-work. Both of these situations create a “fire alarm” atmosphere that prevents critical work from being done well. We can help you increase employee productivity and engagement by:

  • Ensuring your employees know what their job is and why it’s important to do it right;
  • Developing training to increase employee knowledge and skill and help them meet today’s business challenges;
  • Coaching managers to engage staff and help them do their job right;
  • Identifying and fixing broken processes that create frustration and prevent outstanding performance.

“It Won’t Happen to Me” Syndrome – In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

What would happen if a key employee quit, or you were run over by a truck on the way to work? Would your business be able to continue as usual, or would everything come to a screeching halt? We can help you manage these risks by:

  • Identifying key processes and functions that are at risk;
  • Creating a continuity plan that documents key processes and functions and identifies resources needed to continue the business;
  • Creating development plans that broaden employee skill and expertise so that they can step into increased responsibilities as needed.